Who We Are

Miss CEO Nail Salon is a Vancouver-based expert in waterless foot and nail care. We love healthy, natural-looking, and long-lasting manicures and pedicures. Our advanced technology of a waterless pedicure benefits your feet 100 times better than the traditional one. 

A New-York based dermatologist Michele Green explains the risk of using pedicure tubs.  “There are lots of possible infections that lurk inside the foot basin, including bacteria, fungi and wart viruses,” she said. (Source: Huffingtonpost). By skipping a water tub, we avoid potential cross-contamination and make your treatment more relaxing by bringing you a piece of mind.

Our Team is a selected team of passionate professionals who always want to hear your feedback in order to perform the service you love. We commit to providing only the best services so that you always feel happy and inspired about your next visit.

We switch a traditional pedicure to a safer waterless nail care because we care about You.

Why Us

We satisfy your nail needs in the most carrying and conscious way. We are proud to have switched to waterless form of nail services to guarantee your own safety and lasting manicures & pedicures.

Environmentally friendly

Safe treatments

Waterless technology

Non-toxic products

non toxic eco friendly nail polish

Our Team

  • Maricar

    Nail Technician
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  • Maricar

    Nail Technician