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Why Non-Toxic Nail Polishes Are Better

Non-toxic nail polishes are here to stay! They possess all the aesthetic qualities and spectacular varieties of regular nail polishes, available at our nail salon in Vancouver, without any harmful effects. We offer safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic services and products and once you try them out, you won’t want any other!

Every aspect of our lives has some room for improvement. Some of these changes are easier to adopt than others. But a few don’t seem that urgent or serious enough to attend. Non-toxic make-up, more specifically non-toxic nail polish, is one among these.

Today, we are aware of many reasons why we should not ignore the true contents of the nail polish that we use at our non-toxic nail salon in Vancouver, each day. A fascinating nail salon in downtown Vancouver is offering a non-toxic nail treatment and is very good at what they do and it is called Miss CEO Nail Salon.

Protection from dangerous chemicals

The seepage of chemicals via finger and toenails occurs very easily. Plus, our nails and skin are extremely delicate. Over time, harmful chemicals can enter our bodies to cause slow but irreversible damage. This is the main reason to opt for non-toxic nail polishes over traditional chemical ones.

It is very crucial to find the kid safe nail polish. When searching for a nail spa to do pedicure for kids manicure of having a safe nail salon, nontoxic is definitely the way to go. It is for that reason Miss CEO is the ultimate mani pedi kid friendly salon.

Apart from which, since non-toxic nail polish is made of natural products, it can protect your nails from the weather, abrasion and even strong detergents and soaps. Though all nail polishes do that to a certain extent, non-toxic ones contain healing properties that are great for all-day wear. They help to cure nail issues with the minerals and vitamins that are used to make them.

Truths about chemicals present in nail polish

Non-toxic nail polish will not mess with your system. Regular nail polishes contain strong chemicals like formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. These chemicals can cause hormonal problems and even give you headaches. Nail polish sans chemicals is suitable for everyone. If an individual is sensitive or suffers from allergies, is pregnant or is young, there is nothing to worry about with non-toxic nail polish.

During pregnancy, merely breathing in vast amounts of toluene, the chemical that induces rapid drying, can harm an unborn child. There have been reports of women exposed to dibutyl phthalate suffering from menstrual issues, premature gestation periods and even miscarriages. 

It’s a good thing that we now have the options of non-toxic and even vegan nail polishes. These ensure that we need not compromise on our wellness to look like a million bucks!

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