Waterless Pedicure

Why are waterless pedicures and manicures better?

Waterless pedicure performed on a medical machine is a real invention for people with problematic feet and those who care about safety, and long-lasting results. This advanced pedicure has been in demand in Europe for many years. Now, it’s time to change the perception of a traditional pedicure by skipping the water and utilizing a medical pedicure drill in a pedicure care. Switching traditional methods to waterless manicures and pedicures will allow you to enjoy more sanitary and high performance services. 

Here are more benefits of waterless nail care:

  • The technique that is used to file the feet is million times better 
  • Sanitary and safe
  • Pedicure lasts longer leaving feet soft and polished 
  • Safe for diabetic care because of the podiatry machine use
  • No cross contamination
  • Saving water and planet and making feel good about yourself 🙂
  • No harsh chemicals used to sanitize tubs which go on your feet after soaking
  • Regular and gel nail polish last longer
  • Better removes calluses and small thick zones on your feet
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